Saturday, April 06, 2013


We headed back to Woodward to spend Easter weekend.  We had fun with the family on our short little trip.  Here's a quick recap in pics.


Thursday, March 28, 2013


Well, thought I would post about the snow we got in these here parts.  It was nothing like the snow blizzard of 2013 that the family of northwest Oklahoma got but it was something and kids were excited.  Let me say.  I don't mind snow days BUT the act of dressing the kids up, then undressing the wet kids and then dressing them back up and so on is just not  I just knew the kids would want to go and frolic in the white fun slush but I did all I could to keep them from seeing that snow had actually fallen.  But since we have windows that didn't work.:) Also, the fact that I don't own nice snow gear for the kids has me creating gear which consists of plastic baggies with socks over the hands and plastics sacks over the shoes.  Just a lot of work considering it was COLD so actually dressing them took double the time that they actually stayed outside.  BUT anyway, we can say that this year it snowed and we played.  With March coming closer to an end I do believe that we have seen the last bit of snow for this winter.  I am fine with that.  Bring on Spring!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The new man in my life.

Drake's birth story. (warning I am NOT a writer or pretend to be one, please forgive and LONG post ahead) So.....

         Let's go back to the middle of December.  I knew I needed to start getting ready because baby #5 was due January 6th and the 6th was going to be here before I knew it.  We had already decided and advised by my doctor that traveling over Christmas was not a good idea.  Due to the fact my other boys came 10 days early and this was my fifth.  So as much as we and my family were bummed we had to make it work with our own little Christmas in Owasso.  
        When I say I needed to start getting ready for baby #5 I guess that meant I should probably get some clothes and maybe wash a blanket or two.  So sad the difference in getting ready for baby #1.  I had clothes washed, stroller put together, carseat ready for car, etc.  Come baby #5 and I am thinking if the baby has diapers and bottles we're good.  Also, he wasn't moving into a room so I didn't need to set one up for him.  Come on we got 4 other kids we have to board.  Poor little baby boy. 
        Anyway, December 23rd was here.  We had come to terms with not being with the family this Christmas and were ready for a nice quiet holiday.  Funny, compared to 13 grandkids, 4 was going to be quiet. I had went to bed that evening telling Jason that I didn't feel good.  I wasn't having any crazy contractions or anything.  Just didn't feel good.  I didn't think much of it because, hello, I was 9 months pregnant.  Of course I didn't feel good. I wake Christmas Eve morning starting to feel a few contractions.  No big deal.  I have been feeling contractions for months now.  So I thought I am going to drink some water and lay down.  An hour went by and the contractions were getting very consistent.  This was new.  Since I have only gone into labor on my own with 1 out of the 4 kids and that labor came with my water breaking in the middle of the night and labor came on FAST, I wasn't quite sure what to do.  In the mist of texting sisters, mom, and friends, they all told me to count how long and how close contractions were getting.  Pretty sad that I was having my 5th and no clue what I was doing. After a few more hours the contractions were just getting closer and were dead on consistent.  The only thing that made me wonder is that they just weren't that strong.  I didn't want to go all the way to the hospital for them to send me home and I didn't want to go on Christmas Eve.  In my head I knew they were going to go away and I would enjoy a wonderful Christmas with my family.  So of course things didn't go as planned.  So around 5 or 6 pm I had enough family and friends tell me I should go to the hospital.  I decided to listen.  I was a little scared that if I waited too long I would miss my epidural window.  Which is what almost happened with Ryder.  AND I DID NOT want to miss my precious epidural, the drug straight from the angels above!
        So I pack a bag up, yep hadn't done that either, and called our precious go to kid-watching girl, Stephanie.  Steph heads over with her fiancee Joe.  The kids are in great hands and we are off to the hospital.  We arrive and go through the routine.  Get situated and hooked up to all the machines.  They confirm that I am indeed having consistent contractions and want to monitor me for a bit.  So just hanging out at the hospital on Christtmas Eve, fun.  After awhile, they check me.  While I anxiously wait to hear. The nurse says 2...maybe 3.  I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  I just knew I would be further along.  I was thinking send me home.  If I am not even close I want to go home and spend Christmas with my other babies.  I mean, I could be a 2 or 3 for two more weeks.  Come on!  So the sweet nurse says the doctor wants to keep monitoring me due to the fact that my contractions were so consistent.  So on to the waiting game.  Thanks goodness for phones.  I kept sisters and mom updated.  I was able to keep checking in with my kiddos.  Just hanging out, Christmas Eve, at the hospital.  After a few hours, and slowly progressing, the doctor made the decision that I was probably getting close to active labor and I was to stay.  Ugh.  It was determined I was going to have a Christmas baby.  Never did I think, with a January 6th due date that the baby would come on Christmas.  So I relayed the message to mom and sisters.  They were in Woodward and Annie and Mom decided, due to my circumstances, that they would head to east Oklahoma that evening.  I let Steph and Joe know about the plan.  They were so great.  They were going to stay with my kids and get "Santa" ready for them in the morning.  Being on top of things, I of course had all the gifts shoved in the laundry room not wrapped at all.  So they took care of it all and I was so grateful and blessed to have them with the kids. 
I progressing quicker and I think I was around a 6 when I decided to get my epidural because they were going to come in a break my water.  Once my water breaks labor goes very quickly for me.  Got the good juice, broke my water, and just waited a bit more.  While waiting we decided that we probably really should name him.  Yep, that's right.  We hadn't came up with a name yet.  I mean, I had 4 other kids, I had used up all the names I liked.  But we had finally decided on one.  The kid did need a name by all means. My sister and Mom got there I think around 11:30 - 12:00.  They were only there about 10 minutes when my nausea hit.  Both of them have been with me enough through my other labors that they knew when I get sick, the baby is ready to come. I remember when I said "Oh, I need something.  About to puke here."  My mom said "Oh, that must mean your are ready to go."  And guess what?  She was dead on.  Nurse checked me and confirmed I was 10 and doctor was here and I was about to have my 5th baby.  I was ready.  Ready to start pushing.  Ready to not be pregnant anymore and mostly, ready to meet my new little man.
           I was a little scared due to the fact that my boys have been big and with Ryder's shoulder distotia, I just didn't want any complications.  Although, this little guy was early I was hoping that would help him not be too big.  It's so crazy to me when I start pushing and the room is just waiting.  Waiting for this little miracle to appear.  It really is surreal.  I think I only pushed like 10 minutes or so.  Then the best feeling, when you start hearing "oh, here he comes," "he is almost here."  Then it gets real quiet and then pure joy feels the room.  He's here. Our 5th little miracle.  I remember seeing him for the first time.  My heart grows every time I lay eyes on my babies for the first time.  This little precious baby boy that God has given to us.  I can't put it into words the love...just amazed.  
I start looking him over.  Right away I notice those cheeks.  Along with his siblings before him, he was blessed with those adorable chubby cheeks.  8 lbs 11 ozs of perfection. Drake Michael born at 12:30am on Christmas Day.



Friday, March 01, 2013

Still updating

So I left off with of pics..

Took pics of my kiddos

 Took pics of the gazillion grandkids.

Got bigger by the minute.

Went to Branson.

Bathed some kids.

Celebrating our family Chirstmas.

About to pop.

Had a baby.  More on that later.  I think he deserves his own post. ;)

Lost first tooth, then the second one.

 Hung out around the house.

Adjusted to 5 kids!

Snuggled with my boys.

Crazy hair night at AWANAS

Laid around the house.

 Played with brothers toys.

Cousins, friends.

Father Daughter Dance

Baby girl turned TWO!

Baby boy turned 1 month.

Yay, for catching up!