Sunday, September 17, 2006

One pretty little princess!

Here is my niece Lily. Lily has a history of not ever wanting to get her picture made. She would always put her hands up and cry everytime her picture was being taken. Well, her birthday is coming up. She'll be three. We needed to take her picture for her invitations. She is having a Belle princess party. Anyway, me and Annie kept talking to her about them, trying to pump her up for the pics. She loves to put on her dress. So anyway, Annie brought her over and we sat her on a chair and she just started smiling away. We couldn't believe it. She did so good. This was so unlike her. I got some really cute pics and her invitations turned out so good. This helps Annie think that she'll do really good when I try and take her three year old pics in a few weeks. Oh, also Annie bribed Lily with Floam, sticky colored type silly putty, if she did good. When we got done with the pictures she was ready to get her Floam!

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