Thursday, January 11, 2007

CAUTION! Scary Pics Ahead!

Ok, so here is the story behind these pics. Every year I do a calendar of the family. The pics on the calendar are of bad, funny faces. This year I needed some of mom and dad. So, I had Sally take some pics of them with panty hoes on their head! Well, this is Mr. & Mrs. September. What do you think? Pretty scary, huh?! LOL! They don't even look like them. I have to give it to them. They are real good sports!

I had to add a better pic just because I am such a good daughter. I sure do love these guys!

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Stacy said...

funny pics. You are so blessed to have wonderful parents and family. Congraduations on the new baby boy comming to your family soon. Tell your Mom she is doing a good job on her blog.