Monday, August 20, 2007


Well, I believe the whole tagged thing started with Noelle. So thank you Noelle! Anyway, I am suppose to list seven things about myself, but I am so normal and boring it was hard for me to think of seven!!:) So here are ones I could come up with.

1. As you all know already, I have a peanut-butter and cheeto sandwich about everyday. And I mean everyday, if not everyother day!!

2. I pop my knuckles and neck everyday!! It feels good and drives Annie crazy!

3. I have recently been catching myself watch Hannah Montana and liking it.

4. I always check DVDs for blooppers.

5. I along with many others am a reality TV junkie.

6. I sometimes wish my life was a musical. It would so much fun!

7. Ok, this is weird and has just been recently. I don't know if it has something to do with my pregnancy or what but I find myself really wanted to play with dirt or mud. If I see I pile of it on the side of the road I really want to go run my hands through it!!?? It would make it even better if it were cold wet mud or sand! Ok, I have said too much already!

Ok, so I am not sure who has not been tagged, so if you read this and have a blog I am tagging you!!


Annie said...

Good ones, you and Sally with your Hannah Montana!!!!! I would LOVE to live my life as a musical, we are sooooo going to start doing that!!!!

Mandy said...

If you guys start living you life as a musical than you have to tape it so that I can watch later. I always need a good laugh (because of course we whiteley girls have exceptionally nice voices)!!

slaydenmom said...

hannah montana????? I agree with annie, let's just start singing everything.

Mandi said...

LOL!! You guys all crack me up!!! Sign me up, I've always dreamed of being in a musical, little orphan annie was my fav!!

Kina said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who pops their knuckles and neck, and I can add my back, toes, ankles, knees, wrist, and so on to the list. I say we torture Annie together!!! :) I love Hannah Montana too, and find myself watching it all the time, with Austin of course. Now the dirt thing...I'm a little concerned, maybe it's those male hormones from Ryder :) I feel like a know you a whole lot better now. Okay, I'm done with my book :)