Thursday, November 29, 2007


If you have already read Annie's blog then you know about Coop and the garland. Well, we had a weird little incident around this house too. Ryder sleeps pretty good at night. Goes down around 9:00 and gets up between 4 and 6 am. Well, Monday night he kept waking up through out the night several times. And I never turn on the light when dealing with him so he always knows it is dark and sleep time! Anyway, I could not figure out what was wrong. Then in the morning when I was changing his diaper I noticed that his toe was red. I looked closer and realized that a tiny hair was wrapped tightly around it. So I tried my best to get it off, but it ended up being on it so tight it was cutting into his skin. Annie was over and trying to help we just could not get it off. So I called the doctor and they wanted him to come in as soon as possible. The doctor was able to use these special scissors and get it off! Well, isn't that just the weirdest thing! So we our leaving our craziness of Owasso and heading to Woodward for Sally's wedding. Let's hope everything goes good!

I hope everyone has a good weekend!!!


Jessica Terbrock said...

Cute pics with Ryder and Jason...I am still working on Auggie to get regular family photos...he prefers not to be the subject in the photo shoot...that is really strange about Ryder's toe...did the doctor's say that it is common? Glad they were able to get it off!

sandybiggs said...

I actually read about that happening in Parents magazine. The poor kid almost lost his toe! I guess it is pretty common so I would always check my kids' toes and fingers...that me, the worrier.
Jessica, I checked Addison's too...ha.
I'm glad he's all better!

Stacy said...

Wow I have never heard or seen that before. I am glad he is ok!
I love the pic of Ella in the bag!

Kina said...

Poor Ryder!!! I am so glad you found it in the morning! My pediatrician said anytime someone brings in a fussy baby, she always checks that first, it is actually really common! (like Sandy said!) Love the pictures with Jason!! (but i'll never tell him!) :)

Laura said...

Ouch poor little Ryder. I'm so glad you found out what it was. That's so weird.... And I just love the pic of Ella in the bag. Cute!

Mandi said...

Ouch!! Poor little man!! After Kina told me about that I check Xander almost every time he fusses for "no reason" :0( OK, I'm lovin' Ella in the bag but I had to look twice after reading everyones comments to realize she was INSIDE the bag!! LOL, I'm slow :0P