Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas!

We are off tomorrow to start Christmas parties. First to Yukon for some Christmas time with the Grandparents then Sunday off to Woodward! I hope everyone travels safely and enjoys this very special time of year!

Some outtakes from the Christmas card shoot!


Taylor & Jessica said...

Too cute! Have safe travels and fun times!

Kara said...

Cute, cute pics! You guys have a wonderful holiday! We will be in Guymon so we will miss you Sunday!

Jessica Terbrock said...

Ella has such pretty hair and Ryder is such a handsome man in his sweater. I love your Christmas card.
Merry Christmas!!!

Kina said...

I love those pictures!! Ella's eyes are gorgeous! and Ryder's sweet smile. He is getting so big!