Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Relaxing Weekend!

Well, I started off last weekend with some evening fun. Annie and Josh decided to take a little date night, so we were the lucky ones to keep Lily and Cooper. Ella just loves for her cousins to come over and play. Every day when she wakes up she asks to go to Lily and Coop's house. And we do see them most days, so she is probably just used to being with them. Of course they fight like siblings, but they can have so much fun together too. Every time we arrive at their house or they arrive at ours they all greet each other by running towards one another with such excitement! It is so cute. Ella and Ryder are very lucky to have cousins living so close!

Can't you just see how much Ella loves her Cooper!

This is what Ella and Coop were most interested in!

Well, I hope everyone has a great week!


Stacy said...

Yes they are very lucky. I wish mine lived closer to there cousins.

Laura said...

Ah I love the pic of Ella and Cooper. Such love!

Kina said...

THose are precious! You are very blessed to have cousins so close!!!