Saturday, June 07, 2008

I know, I know.....

... I haven't blogged in FOREVER! But I am here now and ready to get back on track. I wanted to blog about the few things that have been going on like Memorial Weekend, VBS at Woodward and of course Kain's arrival. Unfortunately I downloaded pics while my week stay in Woodward to my mom's computer and have do not have those pics with me to post. So I'll have to take some more pics this weekend and get on the ball with my blog next week!

After a great Memorial Weekend, which pics can be seen on my family members blogs, I went back to Woodward to stay for a few days because I had a wedding I was serving in on Thursday. My mom asked, more like told, me that I was to help with their Vacation Bible School the following week. We did the 5th graders and they were very well behaved! It was a great time and my mom ROCKS with those kids. She is such an inspiration as a christian woman. Love her!

After a long time away from home I finally made it back home just in time for Kain to make his arrival. It was a very exciting time. He came about 6 weeks? early. Due to being early and low amniotic fluid we thought we would have a tiny little squirt, but he weighed in at a big ole 5 lbs 9 oz!! He did great with no complications! JJ, Ashley and Kain are now at home adjusting to life with a newborn. FUN!

So you can see it has been crazy around here lately and my camera hasn't made it out of the camera bag for family snapshots, but I am changing that real soon. Next week I hope to take some pics of my stinkers to post! Well family, be sure to check back next week. I promise Ella and Ryder will spend some time in front of my camera!!

Here is a pic from a few weeks ago. The family hangin out on a Saturday afternoon! Oh, and of course Ella with her usual business, pillow castles!

Oh and this is for the family. Go to for Ben's 1 year pics!


Mandy said...

You were so right Katie!! I am going to have such a hard time chosing what pictures to order of Ben. They are all so good. I am very impressed!

.::. said...

Ah finally a post. Maybe not pictures but at least a quick note to catch us up on whats going on!

Kara said...

I know I am not family, but those pics of Ben are soooooo cute...Mandy is going to have such a hard time!

Becky said...

The pics of Ben are great! Now get to snapping and post some pics of Ella and Ryder!