Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009

Despite the weather we had a great Easter. We went to Woodward and got to spend it with all the cousins and even some extended family because we also celebrated my Nanny and Pa's 60th anniversary. It was a lot of people, but a lot of fun to get to be together. We colored eggs on Saturday. This is always a big event. When you throw 8 little kids together with eggs and dye it's bound to get a little crazy! The kids LOVED it. I especially liked Sam's eggs. They were all the same color green! He likes consistency! Sunday morning was a lot of fun. The kids woke up to the excitement of finding eggs and what the Easter bunny brought them. Then we all got in our Easter best and headed to church to celebrate what Easter is all about, our risen Lord and Savior! What a great Easter!

This shows you how excited Ryder was about coloring eggs. I don't think he even colored one.

Ella loved it. She kept writing her name on her eggs!

Ella's find. Don't you just love the smile!:)

So of course Jason felt the need to partake in the candy! Good thing the Easter bunny brought his favorite! ---Notice the egg right in front of Ry's basket. The Easter bunny wanted Ryder to be able to find his egg fast!

Ella modeling some fabulous earrings she got!

The best pic I could get of all three together!
This pretty much sums up Ryder's weekend!
Cute Story Below!!!!
I was fixing Ella's hair in the bathroom Easter morning and Aunt Annie was in there getting ready too. She was telling Ella how pretty she looked.
Annie: Ella, you look beautiful. Do you know how I could look beautiful like you?
Ella: shrugging her shoulders I don't know, you'll have to talk to God about it!


Anonymous said...

Oh my!! Ella comes us with the sweetest things!!! and how I miss my Ryder..sniff sniff...And the baby sure is a cutie


Becky said...

How come your pictures always look so much better than mine! As if I didn't know. It was a fun weekend and I miss you guys already! Love you!

laura said...

Love the pictures! I especially love the one of the whole family:) I'm glad you guys had a great Easter.

Pambo said...

Why is it so funny to see photos of crying babies and/or toddlers? I know, it's because I don't have any! As long as they don't belong to you, it's cute.
That Ella. She cracks me up.
Glad you all had a good time with family.

twingrlsplus1 said...

I love Ella's response to Aunt Annie!! She is so dang cute! Always such the little model in all her pics:)