Monday, April 20, 2009

Zoo Trip

Ella got to go to the zoo with her class last Thursday. They required for the kids to have a parent. I can't imagine why? ;) Anyway, she was very excited. Me not so much. You've been to Tulsa Zoo once you've been enough! That's how it is for me anyway. Every time I step back through the gates it reminds me how much I don't care to be there. Enough about how I feel about the zoo. I need to push those feelings aside for the sake of my kids. Ella loves to go and always has a good time when she's there!

So Thursday morning off we went. The weather was pretty good. Nice but maybe a tad windy, but no rain so we'll take it. We started off to circle around and see all the animals. Most kids stayed glued to the sides of their parents. Not Ella and Gracie. All they cared about was each other. They are so cute together. Her teachers were leading the way and they were "quick lookers." "Here are the elephants, so big. Ok, let's go." So it went rather quickly, which I was fine with. Ella favorite had to be the petting zoo. She loved it.

Her first little school year is coming to an end. sniff sniff She'll go to school EVERYDAY next year! Well, here is to this year's zoo trip. Please, I wish. I am sure I'll go again with three little rascals when it's 100 degree weather with Mom's Club. The things I do to hang out with my girls!!!

Ella and her buddies, Gracie and Channing.

She is very serious about brushing the goat.....

...ok, not really!
The famous monkey shot.
Here is Ella and Gracie's reward for be good girls. Riding the train. Maybe this was their favorite part.


Pambo said...

Oh, Katie! Hating on the zoo. Shame. Although, I must admit, summer visits are the pits. Too stinkin' hot, too much concrete! I love the zoo, am still a zoo member - lucky number 13. Yes, that's right. I was the 13th person to become a zoo friend. I am so old!
Great photos of Ella and her buds.

Annie said...

I too enjoy the zoo, I didn't know this side of you Katie! I love the pic of Ella, Gracie, and Channing! Precious!

Dawn said...

Very cute pictures of your little ham!

Katie said...

Come on people. I just don't really care for the zoo!! Big Deal!:)

Amanda said...

Oh Katie, you zoo hater! Just kidding, Ella looks like she had a great time!!