Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Camping Memorial Weekend

Well, we went camping at Boiling Springs this Memorial weekend. It was really nice to be just about 10 minutes from Woodward. Annie and I took the babies in to sleep at night so that was awesome!!! I enjoy being with the family but sleeping in tents and campers, not my favorite thing and I grew up going camping ALL the time! Other than the mosquito's trying to eat us alive we did have great weather. The kids had a blast. My dad even brought out the HUGE slide and the kids got to enjoy a few hours before the park ranger came and made us take it down! The park ranger was not the nicest guy. The grandparents even came up for the day on Saturday. Anyway, we also were able to take the kids up to the pool. This was the first weekend that it was open and it was COLD! Some of the bigger kids didn't mind it. Like Emily, that girl will swim in a pool of ice water and love it. I only had to go into the pool once to get Ella who had gotten a little too deep and could not touch and she did have on a life jacket. She just couldn't get back to the steps. Ryder was a little clingy. He wanted me or Jason all weekend. Ella cried a lot. What's new about that! And Brock was just the perfect baby as always! We also celebrated the three May birthdays. Emily turned 7, Ella 4, and Ben 2! Ella LOVES to get presents and you can see it in her face in the pics. I know that Labor Day camping will be much hotter so I really tried to enjoy the nice weather we had. Had lots of fun and made some fun memories!

The boys had a TV and satellite so they could watch the basketball games. They really had it rough!


Dawn said...

Poor Ben! he's not happy! Love your new header pictures! Did you have help getting everyone up there?

Becky said...

I particularly love the gray roots on someone, I will mention no names, but those roots are gone for awhile as of this afternoon :) We did have a great weekend, didn't we?

Leia said...

Looks like you all had fun!! Don't envy the mosquito bites you all probably have, but I'm sure they worth it to able to hang with the fam!!