Saturday, May 16, 2009

Finally getting around to posting carnival pics! We lucked out and went on Thursday evening, not crowed and NO RAIN! The kids had a blast and they rode tons. I was even surprised that the rode some adult rides too. Good thing their daddies where there to take them on those!! Ella loved it and can't wait to go back to "the incredible." Ryder could only ride the big slide and Merry Go Round. He was too little for the others. And Brock had the best ride of all. Just chillin in his stroller!

His face doesn't show it, but Ryder LOVED the slide. He rode several times. I don't think Jason minded much (look at that face!)

It took Ryder a few seconds to start enjoying this one!

The best pic I could get of all of them!

The closer! This is the ride that ended our night. It was probably Jason and Josh's fault. The girls just got off a spin ride and then they all jumped on this one!
Still havenin a good time. Not sure they know what's coming. Sidenote: Since the carnival wasn't crowded there weren't lines so they would run the rides for long periods at a time. This didn't help much when your riding a spin ride.

The aftermath. The girls were colorless and they couldn't even walk! Poor things. Needless to say we called it a night!


Mandy said...

Oh my, the girls do look really pale in those last pics! We did the carnival here Wed. night and I think that we are going back for more tonight!

Leslie said...

You girls are just so lucky to have each other, great planning on your moms part. That last pic of Lily really looks like Annie!

Pambo said...

Lily told me all about your carnival adventures this morning in Sunday School. I love all the photos of the kids, including Jason.
The last photos are so sad. Poor little spun til they were sick sweetie pies. FYI Lily blamed all that spinning action on Uncle Jason. I'm just glad they felt sick and didn't proceed to get sick in your car!