Thursday, August 27, 2009

Typical Evening

Ella: Mom, get the cramera!


Ryder: MINE!

Ella: Hey, give those back. arrrrgh!

Brock: (What is with these two?)


Ella: RYDER!!!!

Ryder: NO!

Brock: (Seriously, Mom, are they really worth the trouble?!)


Ella: Here you go Brock! I saved your pretty pink glasses.

Ryder: crying and pouting

Brock: (Oh yeah, she's back.)


Ella: Ok, take the picture!

Ryder: CHEESE!

Brock: (Will this ever end?!)



Annie said...

Love the post, it gave me a good chuckle. I could just picture everything happening exactly like that. ;)

Anonymous said...

that is so funny!!!! Those kids are so cute!!! But poor Brock he has no idea what life will be like with those 2]


Dawn said...


laura said...

Funny but so true! Poor little Brocker... He's just so darn cute that everyone wants to love on him.

The Slaydens said...

i love that peace sign Ella is holding up in the last photo! you have a crazy set of kiddos!! :)

Pambo said...

That's funny. Love the running commentary. Never a dull moment.

twingrlsplus1 said...

This is the life!! I love the post, had me always

Taylor, Jessica and Harper said...

I'm cracking up! The last picture is worth all that hassle! They all seem to have their own distinct personality in that last pic!

Leslie said...

Ella in that last photo is just cracking me up! I bet there isn't a calm moment for years to come in your house.

very cute post, thanks for sharing.