Tuesday, September 29, 2009

7 months

What has Brock been up to since turning 7 months:
-still CAN NOT roll from his back to his belly (FUN for mommy)
-loves to watch his sister and brother play around him
-loves to eat, A LOT
-is getting really close to crawling
-sleeps great
-is still a very smiley baby
-is going through a "hold me" all the time phase
-LOVES bath time
-has survived Ella carrying him around and Ryder standing on him!
AND he is still my precious Brocker!!!!!!

7 months


Becky said...

So precious and he looks so much like Ryder here!!!

Leslie said...

Isn't he just handsome!

Amanda said...

He looks like such a happy little guy!! Amazing how much he resembles Ryder!

Anonymous said...

so cute..and he looks so much like Ryder...i do believe he has no diaper on though :)

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness! He is so darn cute and I know it's repetitious, but I thought it was Ryder for just a second!

laura said...

I love it! He's so darn cute:)

Taylor, Jessica and Harper said...

love the tie idea!! What a sweetheart!! (Do I say that everytime?? I think I say that everytime...)

twingrlsplus1 said...

He is soooo cute!!! Love the pic

Sam said...

i think he and ryder are twins....just separated by a couple of years! cute!

Kristal said...

I LOVE those pictures!!! So cute! And I'm glad to hear Collin isn't the only 7 month old that absolutely will not roll from his back to his belly. Whew!

Stacy said...

LoVe the pictures Katie! I just having a hard time that is Brock I can't beleive he is already that big:(