Friday, September 18, 2009

Starting Soccer!

Ella had her first soccer practice last night. She was so excited all day long. I basically could get her to act or do whatever I wanted yesterday by just saying "you want to go to soccer practice don't you?" It was great. I hope this works a little bit longer.

When it was time to get her cleats and shin guards on I told her to go get ready. She comes out of her room wearing a sparkley, pink dress with earrings. "Ella, you can't wear that to soccer practice." Ella, "why not, I need to look cute!"

After explaining what soccer is all about and how she needs soccer gear she was ok with changing. I then proceed to put my shoes on and Ella comes out of the toy telling me to smell her soccer ball. "Doesn't my ball smell good. I put lotion on it. I am ready to play soccer."

So now that we have the right attire and lotioned ball off we went. She was too adorable out there. My not so shy girl runs straight on the field and starts talking to any team member that would talk to her, while portraying her mad skills of course! Cooper then arrived at practice and she was beyond thrilled to have him there. They did a few drills, stopped to hydrate and then they had one ball on the field and all the kids were to try and get the ball and score. Basically they all blobbed around the ball. Coop did make a break away and went and scored! Ella was very excited "YEAH, we won!"

After practice was over I asked why she didn't go and take the ball. She said the boys were mean. I then proceed to explain to her that it's OK to go and take the ball away and get agressive. Explaining aggressiveness to a 4 year old was a little difficult. After a few minutes of not getting my point across. A light bulb clicked in her head. "Oh, so I can get the ball and not share!" I didn't want to start a 10 minute talk about teamwork so I just agreed. But then told her she still had to share when not playing soccer.

Her first game is Saturday. We are all very excited!

Her mean soccer face!


I didn't want to leave this little story out. Jason has been working LOTS of late hours. So one evening instead of pulling my hair out and running up and down my street, I decided to take my kids over to hang out with the Harrels. After being there a few minutes, Josh asked what is wrong with Brock's head. I didn't know what he was talking about. I go to look at his head and low and behold a big chunk of hair is missing. "Ella, get in here." She comes skipping into the room. "What is wrong with Brock's head." She gives a funny giggle and runs off. I then go and ask her again. She looks at me and is not quite sure what she should say. I asked if she cut his hair. She nods and then is a slow, monotone voice tells me she'll never do it again!!




Annie said...

How cute is Ella?!! We had the same conversation with Coop, I tried to explain to him that he can't take the ball away from his team, but the other team. I'm not sure he got it, and I am afraid he's going to be a huge ball hog! Poor little Brock- its a good thing he's so cute!

Amanda said...

What a cute little soccer star!!! Go Ella!! Too funny about the "haircut"!

twingrlsplus1 said...

Great post!! So sad I didnt start Gracie this season w/her friends!! Brockers is still very cute w/his new haircut

laura said...

I'm super excited for them... I can't wait until tomorrows game. It's gonna be fun:)

Becky said...

Katie, as much as you have going on in your house, you should post everyday. It gives the rest of us a much needed laugh! What else do you have to do with your time? Oh, maybe supervise Ella and her scissors. :)

Pambo said...

Love the soccer practice outfit.
I love how the kids form a huge glob when they're going after the ball.
Can't believe Ella cut Brock's hair. Glad she didn't hurt him. I would have died if Ashlee had ever cut Tyler's cute little baby curls.

Stacy said...

Cute soccer star you have! Poor Brock!!!

Happy Trails said...

I think it is adorabe how girly Ella is. Excuse me I don't mean to offend but I don't visualize you as being so giiirrrlllyyyy, so it's precious that she is herself. Having never had girls I've been amazed watching the granddaughters different tastes, some very frilly others not so much. I love all your pictures. Brock's haircut makes him look tuff.

Dawn said...

Perhaps you could glue some rhinestones on that soccer ball! Cute stories!

Courtney said...

Too cute! Love the soccer stories. Can't wait to hear how the game goes! You never know that new haircut could start a fashion trend :)