Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2 years!

Finally around to posting Ryder's 2 year old pics! So, what has my little two year old been up to?Well, let me just tell you a few things about this adorable guy!

-He still goes to sleep great! And is still in a crib even though he can crawl (more like jump) right out. Annie gives me grief about this! I'll be moving him soon. ;)

-His smile can light up a room. He is just happy about life! Give him a piece of string, balloon, ball and he could not be happier!

-I thought when Ry was a baby that he was going to be my laid back kid. WRONG! He has definitely got some spunk! If I could bottle up his energy and sell it..... millionaire!

-He has got the BEST laugh. We get to hear it real good when Daddy tickles him. Very ticklish!

-Other than the random fits (I mean he is 2) he is a pretty good little guy!

-He is showing more independence all the time. He follows sister around doing all she does. (This scares me somewhat) He always thinks he is big enough to hang with the older cousins!

-He has started a fascination with Cars and Spiderman!

-He still has a pretty good appetite. Will pretty much eat what you put in front of him.

-Starting to talk more and more all the time. Always puts "Mommy" at the end of everything! "Drink, Mommy" "Go bye-bye, Mommy" "Stop Ella, Mommy!" "Cungry(hungry), Mommy" I LOVE this!

-Now that he gets himself out of bed he'll usually come to my room in the morning and crawls into bed with me and lays on his back and does not budge! I mean, he lays not moving a muscle, awake, until I say "let's get up!" And then giggles and bounces out of bed!

-Love his crazy spikey hair, his Fred Flinstone feet, white pastey complexion ;), his ears and of course his all out, no holding back big ole grin!

He is my little big guy who has introduced me to the world of boys and I am loving every minute (well, most minutes ;)!!!



2 years




Kristal said...

He is SO cute!!!

Anonymous said...

There's my guy..Can't believe that he was 2...wow....great shots..


Amanda said...

He is such a cutie pie!!! I love his big grin!

Taylor, Jessica and Harper said...

I love his little hands in his pockets! He's toooo cute!

Annie said...

Great pics! Can't wait until I get one!! I will remind you how much you love his spikey hair the next time you complain about it. ;)

Becky said...

What great pictures!! I can't decide which is my favorite.

laura said...

He is such a fun little guy! I love hangin' out with him on wednesdays!

Emalee said...

well isn't he adorable....found you from a friend of a friend.....