Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Part 1 - The Eggs

We got the table all ready with all the anxious kids and I am getting my camera out and then CRASH, I dropped my camera on the ground and part of my lens broke! I couldn't believe it. My fourth child was OK, but it's appendage was broken. :( So needless to say I was a little bummed. It works still, but occasionaly messes up. Now I'll have to get a new lens. Hopefully I'll end up getting a better one!

On to coloring of the eggs. The kids had a good time. Ella enjoyed herself. Brock just followed me around fussing. Because that's what Brock does! Mimi took pity on him and decided to color an egg with him. Ryder didn't color one egg. He did not care to at all. He had the egg that he found from Mimi that she hid for the kids and he was happy with that. So aside from my camera mishap we had a good time. Another year of colorful eggs by the Whiteley grandkids.










Leslie said...

Oh no! I bet you'll get some crazy awesome one to replace it anyway. Always looking forward!

Dawn said...

Did you cry much? I love Mimi's tongue sticking out in concentration helping Brock!

Becky said...

Looks like the old lens came through on these pictures. I think you need to message Sarah and find out the name of the the camera guy she uses in El Reno. She thinks she is great.