Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Part 2

We woke up around 8 am Easter morning. I am sure the kids wanted to get before then but we held them off. They all went straight to their baskets to see what they got then they were off to find the eggs. Well, everyone but Ryder and Brock. They didn't care too much to find the eggs. They just wanted to play with their loot. That morning was also the morning Mia slept her longest. She got up at 8:15. It was great. After the morning festivities were done we got ready for church. The kids all looked so cute. We enjoy at nice service and then came home to eat lunch at the house while the kids did about 5 million egg hunts outside. It was a nice day and loved spending it with the family.








Kristal said...

Good looking family!!

Amanda Keeys said...

They are all gorgeous! WOW to the Easter baskets too, my kids are missing out ;) Haha. Must be an American tradition? Looks like fun :)