Thursday, March 28, 2013


Well, thought I would post about the snow we got in these here parts.  It was nothing like the snow blizzard of 2013 that the family of northwest Oklahoma got but it was something and kids were excited.  Let me say.  I don't mind snow days BUT the act of dressing the kids up, then undressing the wet kids and then dressing them back up and so on is just not  I just knew the kids would want to go and frolic in the white fun slush but I did all I could to keep them from seeing that snow had actually fallen.  But since we have windows that didn't work.:) Also, the fact that I don't own nice snow gear for the kids has me creating gear which consists of plastic baggies with socks over the hands and plastics sacks over the shoes.  Just a lot of work considering it was COLD so actually dressing them took double the time that they actually stayed outside.  BUT anyway, we can say that this year it snowed and we played.  With March coming closer to an end I do believe that we have seen the last bit of snow for this winter.  I am fine with that.  Bring on Spring!

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