Thursday, August 17, 2006

Three Years!!

Yesterday, was my third year anniversary. Time has flown by. We haven't changed too much. We went out to dinner to celebrate the day with Ella. We are actually going to six flags this weekend. YEAH! I haven't been since I was in elementary school and my mom would force me on the roller coasters. Now I like the coasters and I am super excited about going. So hopefully we will have a good time. Enjoy your weekend, I know I will!!

Our wedding day, August 16, 2003!

Third year anniversary, August 16th, 2006!

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jenah said...

It's Jenah (Hamner)Hamilton. Mom got an email from your mom and she sent this site to me. I love your pictures and I'm so excieted to see all the kids. Aunt Betty shows them to me every chance she gets, but sometimes that's not a lot. It was great to see you as well! I hope everything is going great. Keep up the good work!