Monday, August 21, 2006

We're back!

We are back from our trip to Dallas. We had a lot of fun. The day we went to Six Flags it was around 106 degrees. Way HOT!!! We had fun anyway. Me and Jason felt like a couple of old folks. We had to take our time going from ride to ride. We started feeling a bit woozy towards the end of the day. After that we dediced it was time to go. So now we are back in good ol' Oklahoma. It is good to be home. And of course to see Ella again, we were only gone a couple of days, but we missed her anyways. We thought that when we first saw her that she would run up to us and give us hugs. She was excited to see us at first, but then she caught a glimpse of my shoes. I had to buy a pair of shoes in Dallas because I forgot my tennis shoes. I got some red ones from Payless. Let's just say they are completely RED. And Ella was fascinated with them. She is really liking shoes at the moment.

Well blogger is not letting me download pics right now. I will try later. Bye!

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