Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm Back!

Ok, so I have been the worst blogger lateley. But I have a good excuse, although I am sure my family is tired of it. Good news though, my puking as subsided. I may have hit the turning point. I don't want to speak to soon, but I will be 14 weeks on Monday and that's about the time I quit being sick when pregnant with Ella. So hopefully things will start being better, for the sake of my family!!

Anyway, we went to Woodward for Easter of course. I wish I could say that it was a great weekend but I was sick the entire time!:( Other than that Ella had a great time with her cousins like always. She loved coloring the eggs. She didn't even need an egg. She just liked stirring the spoon in in colored water! On Easter morning we made all the kids go into the back bedroom before coming out into the living room so we could get our cameras ready and let's say Ella didn't not want to go back into a room when she knew she had some goodies in the living room. So her daddy had to carry her into the living room crying. She eventually warmed up after having a few pieces of candy. She wasn't much for hunting the eggs. She liked her gifts that the easter bunny brought her. Even thought it was freezing cold outside poor little Ella had to wear a sleeveless dress and sandles to church, but she sure looked cute! Well, I better quit typing. Maybe since I have been away from blogger so long I felt the need to add so much. Oh well, till next time! Bye!

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sandybiggs said...

I love Ella's dress. She looks like such a "big girl"!

Poor Lily...she just cracks me up. They all looked so cute.