Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just a few!

Yes, she has turned into quite the poser. I saw her running around with her glasses turned upside down and then she jumped on the back of her zebra. I grabbed the camera and here are the poses I got. After I took a few and was walking away she said "pictures, pictures." Hard to believe that she isn't shy around a camera!:)


Mandi said...

What a little ham!!! I love it, she's got a sassy little way about her, kinda like some other little two yr. old I'm fond of myself. I feel your pain but aren't they just adoreable... wouldn't trade it for the world. Cute, cute, cute!!!

Stacy said...

Oh how cute and how lucky you are she loves to pose. I am sure we will be seeing some more great pictures of that beautiful little girl.