Friday, January 15, 2010

10 months

So since I am way behind in posting I thought I had better post his 10 month pic before he is 11 months!

What Brock's been up to:

- sleeps GREAT! Still takes two naps. Small morning one and usually around 3 hour afternoon nap.

- He has become quite the explorer. I'll find him all over the house.

- He still has a bit of trouble with texture food. He is getting better with them all the time.

- Loves is brother and sister, even though sister sometimes over does it with the tickling!

- LOVES, LOVES Elmo. He can be crying in the car. We then turn on Elmo and his eyes are glued to the wonderful, furry red creature!

- He really is a momma's boy. Loves to have his momma hold him. He'll take his daddy too, but if I am around he wants me.

- He such a joy in our lives. Everytime I pick him up out of bed he gives me a big grin. It just melts my heart!

10 months


Anonymous said...

he is so cute..and reminds me so much of Ryder


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Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

Your babies are precious! I'm already in love with your kitchen!!! Must see pics! :)