Monday, February 01, 2010

11 months

So I know I just posted his 10 month or I just probably haven't blogged in forever but anyway, one month shy of a year! It is crazy to think how much he is starting to do. He was "trying to walk" a few weeks ago. Now he has it down. I love the first month of a new walker. The wobbling around and the proud face. Adorable! He still only has 4 teeth, but some are about to make an appearance, or so I hope they do!!!! He had been so cranky for a few weeks and that is just not like my Brocker, so I finally took him to the doctor and he had a double ear infection. I was kinda hoping there might be something behind the crankiness. He has started getting better, but goes through his moments. He has just started the clingy stage. He LOVES me. Which is nice, but sometimes hard. Getting stuff done can be interesting. Although, it seems he will be a lover of TV. Ryder just started watching a little bit but Brock will stop and stare for awhile. Pretty cute. Don't get me wrong, my kids don't plant themselves in from of the TV all day. They actually play really good. Ok, now that I justified my mothering skills, back to Brock! He LOVES, LOVES his bottles. I don't know what we are going to do when we put them away in about a month! Yikes! He sleeps great. Although, he has started whining when I go to lay him down. He is usually quiet by the time I close the door. He is still my big boy weighing in at 23 lbs. I am going to try and slow this month down as much as possible. Keep my baby from being closer to a toddler age when he'll start throwing fits and sassin me!!

11 months





Anonymous said...

He is so cute!!! Love the 4 teeth..and the last pic is great..thanks for sharing...


Kristal said...

He's so cute!! We should get our big boys together sometime! :)

Leslie said...

I'd love to know what you give your kids, they are always so happy in photos!

Rick said...

What a stud!

Rick (proving that I really do look at your blog :))