Monday, March 22, 2010

ONE year!

Ok, so let's get it over with. All the "I'm so sorry" and the excuses for not posting on my blog. I have just let it go too long then it got harder and harder to getting around to posting. I do this blog for family but also for myself. I make the blog into books that keep all my memories about my family. So I need get with it. Hopefully, with the nice weather I'll get my camera out more and capture some memories!

Anyway, on to my ONE year old. Yes, he's one and has been for a month! We celebrated his birthday at our house with all the family. Just like his brother he was in a "mood" for his party. In his defense he went to the doctor the next Monday and had a double ear infection. A few weeks before he turned one and a few weeks after were really rough on Brock. He was so cranky, always crying, wanting me to hold him all the time. Now this could be due to the ear infections, but he could have also just been cranky. I could get nothing done and I was slowly losing my mind! My family will agree! Anyway, recently he has been doing great. Playing on his own. Happy most of the time. It has been so nice. He is still such a momma's boy. Which I am trying to enjoy it's just hard when you have two other rugrats to take care. He hates for me to leave him anywhere right now and so thrilled when I come and pick him up. Hopefully he'll get better the older he gets. Someday he won't want anything to do with me so enjoy it now, huh? What is Brock up to these days? So glad you asked. He sleeps great. Usually down to one nap a day about 2 1/2 hours. He is such a good eater. I was always worried because he couldn't even eat cheerios without gagging but when he turned one he moved straight to table foods and eats everything! Of course, he has to keep his whopping 24 lb weight up. I kept him on his bottle because he LOVES it, but the last few days he hasn't had one and it hasn't been a problem. The few days it's been nice Brock went outside and played with Ella and Ryder. To say that he loves to play outside is an understatement. He would stay out longer than the other two. I can already tell I am going to love Spring weather. Also, he already watches TV. Ryder didn't start watching cartoons until a few months ago. Brock will sit and watch Mickey Mouse for 30 minutes. It's probably good that he has older siblings to follow around and play with because if he didn't I could see him turning into a big couch potatoe. He is maybe the ticklish baby I have ever known. We can really get him giggling sometimes. Also, he has started thinking chasing him is the funniest thing. To see him try and run from you is the CUTEST!! We love you Brocker!!!

Some nights when Jason and I are sitting on the couch and the kids are running around giggling I just think I am so blessed and life couldn't be greater. Then Jason starts crazy talk with having number FOUR! Yes, he is determined for another baby. I am not quite at that point yet. ;)

1 year


1 year




Leslie said...

He is just too cute, those cheeks!! Glad you're getting back into the swing of things. This winter has been pretty bad all the way around, that's my excuse!

Anonymous said...

He is so cute!!! Great pics of course...He is starting to look different than Ryder...Got his own little look....thanks for sharing


Dawn said...

The picture with his hands in his pockets is my fave! cute!

Kina said...

I love his 1 year pics!! Those are sooo cute!!

Stacy said...

He is so cute! Great pictures!
So have you already had a blog book made? I would love to see one I have been putting off getting my old blog done.