Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Incident

So a little over a week ago we were hanging out at Aunt Annie's. I had a doctor appointment and she has been so awesome at watching my kids for all my appointments. Right before I had to leave we were listening to the kids get a little crazy and then heard a screaming cry. Annie goes to check things out. Next, I hear "OH MY GOSH!" So I run to over and notice the blood and then Ryder's finger. So Ella was trying to stop Ryder from going into Lily's room and shut his finger in the door. I try to start comforting Ry while Annie cleans up the bloody mess. He actually quit crying pretty soon and then we tried to get a good look at his finger. Well, it looked bad but it was hard to tell if it was just cut superficially or deep. I know that this sounds bad but I had to get to my doctor appointment. I had missed last week and couldn't miss again. So Ryder seemed to be OK. I bandaged him up gave him some medicine and then I left. Aunt Annie was going to lay them down for a nap in 15 minutes. She said he laid down so good and went right to sleep. Actually, Ella cried more than Ryder. She was upset with herself for hurting Ryder. So once I got back from the Dr. and Ry got up from his nap we checked his finger out again. I wasn't real sure if he needed stitches or not. It was just so puffy it was hard to tell. But then I decided it looked bad enough to get checked at least. I ended up taking him to Urgent Care. I was preparing myself for the worst! The image of holding my screaming child down while he got stitches, just broke my heart. But we just had to get it done. So, after the Dr looked at it the dreaded news was given. He had to get some stitches.:( So he prepared to numb it has me and two other nurses held him on the bed. Then the Dr does the count down and sticks the needle in. I tense up waiting for the kicking and screaming, but to my surprise Ry doesn't move. The nurses, dr and me gave each other a surprised look. Then he gives another shot and still Ry doesn't move. Then it was over. We were all shocked at how well he did. Ryder didn't even make a squeak. We just kept telling him he was so tough. He just kept agreeing with us. It was so cute. He even told me to "tell daddy I was tough." Ryder is such a sensitive kid but when it comes to physical injuries he is really tough. Now don't get me wrong hurt his feelings by not letting him do something and he can cry with the best of them. Once the last stitch was done he hopped off the table and was ready to go. He never made another gesture about his finger. You wouldn't even know he got hurt. So all in all our first Urgent Care injury didn't go so bad.
Once we got home of course Ella starts crying again. This really upset her. She just kept apologizing and telling us "I don't want to see it." Hopefully, she learned not to slam doors.
So in a few more days his stitches are suppose to come out. I think if his finger looks good I am going to take them out myself. That is when he will decide to start kicking and screaming!


He is showing me his sad face.


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