Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Sperry Homecoming

Last Friday Ryder got to join in the Sperry Basketball Homecoming as the crown bearer. Caleb, the King, is a teen who goes to our church and was so nice to ask Ryder to be in it. Ryder had two jobs he had to do for the festivities. Show up on Friday afternoon for the introduction of the Court to the school during the afternoon and then show up for the evening ceremony. We just needed him to be happy and simply walk on the court and smile.

So with that said, we show up on Friday afternoon for the school assembly. The minute we walk into the gym he starts crying and wants to go home. I am thinking "great, he is not going to do it." I had talk to him about this all week and he was in total agreement. Apparently, once he saw what he had to do he was not so thrilled. I even bribed him with some new Cars toys. He told me, through tears, to take them back, he didn't want them and wanted to go home. Well, it was time for him to walk on the court. I basically handed him over to Caleb, while he was screaming, and told him just to take him. Thank goodness Caleb did. He was really good with Ryder. Once they started walking he stopped crying and held Caleb's hand. So he ended up doing the afternoon assembly, not crying, but red and puffy faced. But at least he did it.

So we left and I was getting nervous for the evening ceremony. I kept thinking to myself that Jason would be there in the evening and he likes to please his daddy. So maybe he would do better. We showed up at the gym that evening and he was a different child. He struts in and he is ready to go. I don't know what changed his mind but he was ready! He looked so CUTE. Right when the ceremony is about to start the all the lights shut off. Apparently, the town of Sperry lost electricity. So we got to sit in a dark gym for an hour while the problem was fixed. Fun! Anyway, the ceremony started Ryder did awesome and was absolutely adorable. He looked so tiny out there. He kept me grinning the whole time with his funny little caked on smile.








The Loves of Lacy said...

Soooo stinkin cute!!!! He looked like a super star!!

Kristal said...

He's so handsome!!! And I LOVE his shoes with his little tux. So stinkin cute!