Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2 months

My little princess turned 2 months old last Sunday. I really can't believe I am typing this. It is going to fast. She is my last baby and she needs to stay a baby for a LONG time! She just started smiling a little. Yay! She'll look at you and if you are lucky she give you a little grin. It is so precious. She is such a good baby. She is rarely fussy and as of now seems pretty laid back. She still sleeps most of the day and she is going around 5-7 hours on her first stretch of night. After that she goes around 5 hours. She is taking around 4 to 5 oz. about every 3 hours. The only thing she is being difficult at is going to sleep after her bedtime bottle. She will be zonked out and 30 minutes later wake up crying. I can not figure out what is wrong with her. She usually fusses for awhile and then goes to sleep. I really hope she is not taking after her sister and getting a stubborn habit of not wanting to go to sleep. The rest of the day she lays down great. I can put her in her bed awake during the day when I know she is ready to sleep and she just quietly drifts to sleep. Hopefully, she'll start getting better at night. Cross my fingers. She loves her baths. I don't think she has ever really cried during bath time. Her siblings are still enjoying her. Ella is Miss Mommy. She keeps her entertained a lot. I am really lucky to have her so easy going at the moment. I will probably be eating my words in a few months. :)

2 months



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Sarah (Castor) Kamolz said...

Wow! She looks so much like well... the rest of your kids! At first I thought it was an older picture of Ella! She is adorable!