Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Ella wasn't originally signed up for T-ball. Cooper played last year and Uncle Josh coached. Well, they started a team again this year and had a player drop out before season started. Uncle Josh asked to see if Ella wanted to play. I asked her and she was like "Can girls play T-ball?" After explaining to her that of course girls can play she was so excited. Daddy and her headed out to pick up her equipment. Returning home with her PINK gear, she was ready to play!

They had their first game last week. Ella did good. She was played catcher and wasn't to happy about it. She didn't think she got enough action behind the plate. After awhile her Daddy was able to talk her into it and she started getting a little more happy about the position. One thing Jason told me was that even though she was mad about her position she would still encourage the other team as the were batting. "Oh good swing, try again." Very cute.

Her first time up to bat. She was running to first before she could finish swinging the bat. She was going to get to first base, no matter what. Gotta love her determination!

She seems to really like it. I am proud of her and hope she keeps after it!






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