Sunday, June 12, 2011

Days 1, 2 & 3!

So I really meant to blog everyday for 10 days straight on what we did and how we survived when Daddy was gone on the mission's trip. Well, a good idea, but not quite happening. I try to get around to it at night but, the time I get the kids down I am just too exhausted. So let's see if I can find time during the day to get the rest of the days blogged. Here's to hoping!

So Day 1. This wasn't actually a whole day since this is the day Jason left and he didn't leave till 10:30. The kids and I took him to the church and said our goodbyes. The littlest three don't understand that he'll be gone 10 days. Ella got really emotional as Jason rode away. She was crying that she was really going to miss him. I gave her some hugs and then she said "He is going to miss me too." So, we went home had some lunch. Gave Ryder a Mohawk because ever since he saw Max and Ben he has been obsessed. I thought it's summertime, let's just do it. I mean I do have to cut his and Brock's hair every 2 weeks anyway. So it happened and Ryder fell in love with himself all over again. Every 10 minutes going to check himself out in the mirror. It was pretty funny. I even once heard him tell himself, while looking in the mirror, "nice haircut." So the boys and Mia laid down for a nap. After nap time we loaded up and headed to Kain's birthday party. It was a swimming party and the kids were ready. Mia just hung out. Ella and Ryder stayed in the pool pretty much the whole time and Brock, well he played with the dogs. He is not a big fan of the pool. It does kind of make it easier on me. We had a good time visiting with family and letting the kids play. We came home took some quick baths and got all the kids laid down. AWWWWW, time to relax.

Day 2. First day to get all the kids ready for church on my own. I will be honest and admit something. On Sunday mornings my husband does so much. Ok, like almost everything. He gets the kids up, feeds them breakfast, dresses them and gets them in the car. Hey, I at least do Ella's hair and the boys are pretty easy to get ready. So this morning, I got up earlier and it was hard because I got like 4 hours of sleep. I was tired. I got the kids ready and got to church only 10 minutes late. It was a great service. Afterwards, lunch with the Harrels at Mazzios was the plan. It wasn't too bad. The rest of the day was pretty lazy. Put the three youngest down for a nap. Ella made a chain link. She made one 10 links long. She then removes one everyday till Daddy comes home. It helps her see how many days left till he gets back. I tried to nap also, but didn't happen. Later, I got the kids ready to go back to church for evening service. The easiest way for me to load my kids up is to get the three oldest ready. Fed, clothes, shoes and then in the car. Then I go get Mia out of bed. She is ALWAYS in bed. Sleeps all the time I tell ya. Anyway, get her out. Change her diaper and put her in the car. She always eats at the destination of where we go. When I went to go her I smelled a funny smell. Yea, you know the smell. She had an explosive diaper. Great. I am already trying to leave early and now I have to deal with this. I started changing her and realized it was not a quick changer but a bath was needed. So with the quickest bath and change ever I was only 5 minutes late to evening church. Not too bad, but I am Sunday night nursery hostess and I am suppose to be there early so that didn't happen. Annie was able to help me out till I got there. After church I found myself hanging out there a little longer, letting the kids play in the gym. I was trying to kill sometime before bed. It worked. Got home and began the exhausting bedtime routine to get all the kids down. Then time to relax. I was so tired from no sleep the night before so I tried to go to bed earlier. Only to have the chills and aches, tossing and turning feeling like poo. I finally took some meds at around 3 am. Then was able to fall asleep.

Day 3. I woke up around 9, probably by Ry coming into my room. That's OK, because I had to get the kids up so I could make it to the gym by 10. I felt horrible from now two nights of no sleep. Regardless, I got the kids around. My mornings go something like this. Get dressed. Get the three oldest up. Get them all some kind of breakfast. Go round up clothes for all of them. Make a bottle for Mia. Start dressing them once they get done. Probably telling Ella to get her shoes on the whole time. All are dressed. Go fill Brock's cup up. Try to get them to the car with about 5 threats. Grab Mia's diaper bag, make sure it is filled. Then go get sleeping beauty up. Change, dress her. In the car she goes. Chug down a breakfast drink. Arrive at the gym. Drag 4 kids in, also threatening for them to hurry. Drop off at child watch. And then go to my class to start my second workout for the morning.
The workout was horrible. I felt horrible and it was horrible! After a hour of HORRIBLENESS and go and get the kids. Using all the strength I have to carry Mia's car seat with baby in it to the car while trying to keep the others following. Annie and me then take all the kids to the library. We have to start the reading program. Why not today, when I feel and look like poo? After getting our books and so ready to leave with the kids getting too loud we are off to the house. Lunch was had. Then nap time. Glorious nap time. I could get nothing done during nap time because I still felt like yuck. So anyway, I loaded the kids up around 4:45 to go to gymnastics. We stayed there an hour. Then I got the kids some drive thru dinner. Then I tried to get medicine but CVS's computer was down so that didn't happen. Then we were off to the ball fields. I took Ella's team T-ball pics. Oh and Ella was a peach. She was mad because I didn't let her hold her pink bat in the pic. We were in a hurry. The "pink" bat was not right there to use and all the other kids used this bat. Anyway, I was irritated, tired and hot. So her pictures stayed the way they are with the lovely expression. (see below) Then we had a 8:20 ball game. By the time the game came to an end. Mia, Brock and me had had it. I was so ready to go home. I was struggling to stay awake on the way home. Got home around 9:45. HAD to give baths because they were playing in dirt at the ball fields. Fastest baths ever were taken and then got all kids into bed. Then I crashed and finally got some decent sleep.

Here are some pics throughout days 1, 2, and 3!
















Kristal said...

Whew! I'm exhausted just reading that!! You've seriously done an awesome job!!!

Katie said...

I agree with Kristal--I feel like I need to put MY feet up just from reading your post!! Only a few more days--hang in there, Super Woman!!

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

I am completely exhausted just reading about your crazy busy life! lol! I also have no idea how you even had time to take awesome pics of everything! Your boys are so big! I haven't seen them since Max's 1st the mohawk btw!