Saturday, July 30, 2011

Miss Mia

I am so behind in posting. I don't know if I'll ever catch up. There isn't much time left this summer and I am going to challenge myself to get this blog active again. So anyway, here goes the first of many posts! :/

Here is my little Miss. These are her 5 month pics. Yes, she's 5 months. Can't believe it. I really need her to slow down. She's my last baby and it makes me sad that it is going by so fast. She is such a great baby. She is laid back, happy and puts up with her siblings. She is a great sleeper. Well, great probably doesn't describe it that well. She is an AMAZING sleeper. She'll go down for bed around 8:30 - 9:00 and if we don't have to go anywhere in the morning I am usually waking her up around 11. This will all change in a couple of weeks once school starts so I am enjoying it for nnow. Right now it's 11:15 and she is still snoozing. She takes really long naps also. She just loves to sleep like her momma. I have recently started some baby food. She is getting better but until they get the "eating with spoon" down, I don't care for it too much. One of my favorite moments with her is when she first wakes up, from either morning or a nap. She just grins at you with a sleeping grin that is the best. She's always in a great mood and she doesn't have to eat right away so she usually lays on the floor while her sister and brothers get some Mia time. This usually consists of a lot of baby talk and somewhat tickling while she just grins away. She has also just started giggling. She is ticklish and tickling right under her chin can usually bring out that adorable little giggle. I really can't get enough of her. I just want to squish her, hold her, and eat her up. She is my doll baby and forever will be.

Every time I look at her I can't help but think how much she looks like Ella. Ella's baby pics look just like Mia. Ella loves this by the way. Ella was a little plumper, but Mia is definitely starting to fill out.






My little angel at 4 months old!

And at 3 months old!

Update on her kidney. She has had many tests and procedures in her short five month life. At least a couple a month. The Dr has decided that surgery is her best bet in helping her kidney function properly. Her left kidney has function is just doesn't drain like it's suppose to. This is a much better prognosis considering before she was born we didn't think she would have any function of that kidney at all. Prayer works and God is good. It hasn't caused her any problems so far but it is something that needs to be taken care of before it starts to. So September is the month. It's a lengthy procedure and she'll be in the hospital a few days. I hate thinking about my baby having surgery but I know that this has to be done.


Kristal said...

Too much cuteness in one post!!! She really is a doll baby! :)

We'll keep praying for her kidney and upcoming surgery, too.

Leslie said...

She is just beautiful, Katie.

Best wishes for the surgery; I can only imagine how stressful a time that will be. But I'm sure your extended family will be there as always.

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

Praying for your sweet girl! She is absolutely precious by the way!