Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas 2011

We had a great Christmas this year. Like always it seems to go by too fast. We had a our little family Christmas before we left for Woodward. Jason always reads about Jesus's birth to the kids and then they gift their gifts from us. We had a nice little evening spending time together. Then that weekend we headed to Woodward. We always have such a great time with family and this year was no different. The kids go to bed so great on Christmas eve and they really didn't wake up too early. The ran into the living room and were in awe with what Santa had brought. I may need to have a talk with Santa. Not so sure my children deserved all they got. :) I also heard Ella mumble to herself, "Man, I must have been good this year." After church we had the big family Christmas. And every year I can't believe what mom's living room looks like after everyone devours the gifts. You can't see an inch of her ground. I am sure she wouldn't change anything. It was a great Christmas and I am sure it'll be Christmas 2012 before I know it.

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