Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reviving the blog!

Ok, so I am going to try and post and take more pics this year. I thought before I start this year off with my awesome blogging skills I should do a quick, kind of, backtrack of the last few months. I was looking through my pics and I did such a horrible job taking pics so all these but one are from my phone. Anyway, her is the last few months summed up with pics and a few descriptions. Here we go...

Mia had her stent taken out and everything went well. We are now in the waiting period to see if the stent worked and to see if her kidney has good function.

We had a lot of dress up days at school. Rock star day was Ella's favorite.

We took our yearly trip to Branson with the family. We had a blast and rode the Polar Express.

We stayed at these cool cabins and Brock slept on a pallet every night and the last night there Jason found him under the bed in the morning. Still snoozing!

I went on my annual shopping with my sisters and my mom on Black Friday. My wonderful husband kept the kids all by himself and even went to the store with them all. Crazy!

My little precious baby turned 9 months! Still the best baby. Sleeps good, eats good, just all around good! She started scooting around. Still not able to roll from her back to her belly. No worries a few months from this point she'll get it. ;)

Sister love! Precious!

The boys got a bunk bed! They love it!

Annie and I hosted a table at our Church's Ladies Christmas Tea. Had a good time.

Got wood floors and LOVE it!

Watched the girls in dance class!

Learned to check and see if your son goes to bed with a red marker.

Enjoyed the school Christmas parties!

And got ready to celebrate Christmas!

Up next I will hopefully blog about Christmas and then blog about all the new updates of my house. Here's to a new beginning of blogging and to be MUCH better at it!

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