Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Sisterly love! I have 3 amazing sisters so I know how great it is to have one. I am so happy that these two get to experience the greatness of having a sister. Right now it's easy. Mia is the baby, Ella adores her and she does no wrong. Soon she'll be getting into her things. Giving her attitude back. And as the they grow, sure they will fight like crazy, get mad that one is bothering them, upset that one is wearing the others clothes, so on and so on. But they also get to share the wonderfulness of sharing secrets, laughter over inside jokes, staying up late talking (they'll sure a room) making fun of their parents, always being there for each other, ganging up on their brothers, and having a best friend forever.




Dawn said...

so sweet!

Kristal said...

Such beautiful girls!!