Friday, February 10, 2012

Mia's ONE!

It really can't be. My baby. My little precious girl. My tiny princess that we just brought home from the hospital turned ONE last week. I can't believe that I already am typing about her being one. Where has the year gone? I wanted to cherish as much as her moments has I could. This is my last baby. The last time we do the baby stuff and I wasn't in a rush for it go by so fast. Yes, I know she really is still a "baby." She is only one. I mean, let's face she'll always be my "baby."
She isn't walking yet and I don't think she 's even close. It's funny, all my others were walking by 11 months but not my little one. Who knows when it'll happen too. She is pretty good at crawling around everywhere. She also, puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. This makes for a mom who keeps the floor cleaner than she normally would. ;) She is getting into everything. If the dishwasher door is down, there she is. If a drawer of any kind is left open, there she is. She also has a fascination of the stairs. So after enjoying a gate free house for about a year, after it being up 5 years in a row, back up it goes. She still deals with her brothers and sisters well. She'll still let them mess with her without putting up much of a fuss. She only has her two bottom teeth still but I think she is teething now. She has ventured out into some table food as well. She seems to be liking that more and more. She still gets her bottle but that will be stopping soon. She does good with a sippy cup so I think she'll make it. :) She sleeps great like she always has. She is still pretty little. The littlest of my babies. She goes for her check up next week. She barely fusses, if at all, when she gets dropped off anywhere. She is such a laid back girl, easy going girl. I wonder if this will start to change with the, 1 year old independent stage. I just adore this girl more than I can express. My little precious girl, who will always be my baby!





Ashlee Osborn said...

Happy Birthday to Mia! I cannot believe she is already one. How/why does it go by so fast?! Crazy!

Ashley said...

I'm just getting caught up on all your post. Jaxxi puts EVERYTHING in her mouth! I just feel like I follow her around all day and say no, spit that out, and Ouch b/c everytime she bites my finger! LOL. Jaxxi is no where near walking either and show not much interest in it.