Thursday, February 03, 2011

Birthday Party!

This last weekend we celebrated Brock's 2nd birthday. Him and Ruby had a joined party. It's a good thing we decided to do it early because baby sister could make an appearance next week.

Anyway, the family got together and had a good time. Brock seemed to have a good time until we tried to get a pic of him and Ruby together with their cake. He cheered up later once he was able to eat a piece! Can't believe my little guy is two. Well, two in about a few weeks!






Leslie said...

That last picture is so sweet. You'd never think he'd just screamed his head off about the previous pictures. I love how little Ruby is just sitting there looking like a little doll while he's flipping out. Too funny! Good luck with the new addition, may it be quick and relatively painless!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog, but it makes me miss you, friend! In fact, I wanted to tell you this in a HeyTell message, but I was afraid I would start crying... Ridiculous, I know, but just feeling a little homesick today. I especially love the pics of Ryder at Homecoming... what a cutie! Can't wait until next week... hopefully there will be some pics of sweet Mia on here! :)

Love ya!