Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Brock is TWO!

So today my little guy turned two! These past two years have flown by. He is spending his birthday in Woodward with his brother while I rest up from Mia's arrival. Next week, boys will be home and the crazy life of four kids begin. I don't think I am ready. :/

Anyway, my little Brocker is now officially a toddler. He was my best baby who turned into my worst one year old. So I am hoping that he'll swing back to being good again. Wishful thinking, I am sure, but one can hope. He has been such a momma's boy so we'll see how things go now that he has a little sister to compete with. To give him a little credit he does seem to be better than he has been. Let's list a few things about Mr. Brock and being two!
- he is a guy a few words. Seriously, he doesn't talk in words. He does jabber like crazy but not a language anyone can understand. I think I can say at this moment he says "no, car, and Dadda." Yep, that's it.
- he has started following around and doing whatever big brother does. It is pretty cute. They just started wrestling with each other like crazy the past few weeks. I am sure this will be a constant in my house for years.
- he still LOVES his movies. He has been to several movies at the theater and does great. Even with the 3D ones. When we watch TV at home and a commercial comes on he will bring me the remote because he wants me to fast forward through the commercials.
- he likes to play basketball with Daddy and has started liking to play with Ryder's cars. Maybe he should get some of his own.;)
- he loves to go outside. So I am sure he'll spend most of his days playing out there as soon as it warms up.
- he will say "cheese" for the camera. Oh, that's right, he says cheese.:) So cute. Says "cheese" and plasters a big ole' grin.
- he is still so ticklish and as the best laugh

I am excited to see how he'll change this next year, but not quite ready for it because I know it will go by fast. We love you Brock. Happy birthday




Anonymous said...

He is sooo cute and getting soo big brandi

Melissa said...

He is sooo cute and looks a lot like Ryder. makes me glad I get the 2 yr olds in my class on Sunday mornings, I will get to meet little Brock.