Friday, September 09, 2011

6 months

Actually she is 7 months old today but I haven't taken her 7 month old pics yet. I still don't want to think that my baby is getting closer to one. She is such a great baby and I just get sad thinking that this is the last baby stuff I'll do. And all you girls (you know who you are) this is my LAST baby.;) Anyway, she still sleeps crazy good. She is still laid back as ever. She doesn't roll from her back to her belly yet but I think she'll get that down pretty soon. She can set up pretty good by herself but not for too long. She loves her sister and brothers. They can get her laughing and it is so cute. If she is playing in the living room and I walk by she follows me the whole time just grinning at me. So adorable. She still doesn't have any teeth. But it won't be long. She drools like crazy. She is getting really good at grabbing on to things and then that usually goes straight to her mouth. She is our little precious and I can't get enough of her!





Ashley said...

She is soo Cute! I thought Jaxxi would never roll over but finally she just took off!

Amanda Keeys said...

Aw she looks like such a happy little bub! Gorgeous (love the bunting too).