Friday, November 04, 2011

Halloween 2011

Can't believe that October is gone. This year is flying by. Halloween went great this year. We had nice weather and the kids were in good moods. Well, after letting Brock take is costume off anyways. So Ella was a genie. She changed her mind every week on what she wanted to be. A zombie bride, black cat super hero, ghost, vampire, etc. She finally decided to be Jasmine. I couldn't find a Jasmine outfit so when I showed her this one she was sold. Ryder was Buzz. He loved his costume. Brock was a, go to the store the day of Halloween and find the only thing left in his size, rocket. He loved it at first but after about 5 houses of trick or treating he was done. I think the arm constriction didn't please him. Mia was an adorable flapper girl. The costume my Aunt made for Ella when she was 6 months old. Mia is 8 months and the costume fit her perfectly. She is my tiny girl. We started off the evening going by my Uncle and Aunt's house. They are so great to my kids. Aunt Brenda gave them a special treat. From there the kids wanted to do some trick or treating. They were so funny. They would run from house to house. When I say run it was more like a full out sprint. So funny. We would see the older ones take off then following behind was a cute rocket and a pink pig (Ruby). After a few houses we went up to the church for their trunk or treat. There was a lot of cars and my kids got tons of candy. We got home about 8:30 and Jason took Ella and Ryder around to a few more houses in our neighborhood. They came home with TONS of candy. Sad thing is it hasn't even been a week and that candy pile is considerably a lot smaller than when it started. We love our sweets around here.

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